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Sciences et éducation



Stimulating Innovation, promoting critical thinking, and awakening creativity are essential for young people's intellectual development.


For this reason, the Keyrus Foundation aims to encourage the development of new teaching initiatives in the area of science and technology, so as to offer young people a broader range of options for their future career.



Construire l’avenir

Build the future

Maîtriser le numérique

Master digital

Approfondir les sciences

Develop science

Our programs & Initiatives

Les voyageurs du numérique


Undergoing training in digital, so as to open up new career prospects


Introducing all ages to coding and making them more aware of the challenges of the digital culture.



l'arbre des connaissances


Promoting dialogue between contributors to science and the wider society


Enabling young people to approach science differently and encouraging innovation in teaching by giving more room to critical thinking.



Tremblay Taekwondo


Developing self-control through Taekwondo


Improving the technical and motor skills of young children, but also their ability to concentrate, apply precise instructions, and respect others.



Initiatives Positives


Playing a part in remedial education schemes for the city of Evreux


The purpose behind this association is to help pupils growing up in problem neighbourhoods to achieve success at school and be more open-minded, notably through remedial education classes.