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Art and culture are a source of personal enrichment and social cohesion. They enable us to be open to the world, express greater creativity, and awaken and give free rein to new talent.


The Keyrus Foundation aspires to valorize every individual's personal fulfilment and place art at the heart of it by democratizing culture and, in this era of Digital, promoting innovative ways of learning about it.

Art et culture


Culture accessible

Make culture accessible to all

Découvrir l'art

Discover art another way

Divertir et s'amuser

Entertain & have fun

Our programs & Initiatives

Fonds Decitre


Taking action to promote books, so as to allow everyone access to culture


Combatting illiteracy by enabling access to knowledge for all, and contributing to a world in which every individual can develop their maximum potential, notably through an innovative system for the exchanging of books.

Tréteaux Blancs


Offering children in hospital the chance to see musicals performed for them by other children


Bringing magic and fantasy to sick children, thanks to this theatre school.





Supporting artistic creation at regional level and promoting contemporary art


Enabling contemporary works of art to be discovered by making as many people as possible aware of new, interactive artistic and digital practices.


Talens lyriques


Initiating young middle-school pupils into music through an innovative digital learning setup


Using the most high-performance and innovative digital tools to put in place fun and lively teaching.