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SNL Yvelines

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Solidarités Nouvelles pour le Logement - Yvelines

SNL Yvelines was created in 1997 in order to combat inadequate housing and encourage the reintegration of at-risk populations. It provides accommodation for families and individuals in great difficulty, until they are in a more stable financial situation.

To date, 121 lodgings are available across 25 communes to the East and West of the region.

The Keyrus Foundation supports an administrative workshops project, providing IT training for residents, combatting the digital divide.

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Heloise G.

Consultante chez Keyrus Management & Bénévole au sein de SNL Yvelines

Solidarité Nouvelle pour le Logement offers a solution for people that have been refused social housing. It provides low-rent accommodation to its residents, and helps them to reach a stable financial situation, thanks to social helpers and volunteers, who support residents according to their skills and availability.

I began working with Solidarité Nouvelle pour le Logement gradually, helping people to move in, at auctions and to update their CVs. This is a way to combat poverty and help families to fully integrate into our town, in a fun and supportive environment!

Thanks to the Keyrus Foundation’s support, SNL Yvelines was able to organise introductory digital workshops to combat digital poverty. Residents are thereby able to carry out administrative processes themselves, write a CV, make online payments and check their emails.

Thank you to the Keyrus Foundation for this donation, some participants have asked if they can attend a workshop on a weekly basis!

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