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The Fonds Decitre acts to promote books, reading, and writing, and aims to support access to culture by developing innovative projects. The Fonds Decitre team combats illiteracy by enabling access to knowledge for all, and contributes to a world in which every individual can develop their maximum potential, thanks to education and the joy of reading.

The association is based on firm values centred around books : curiosity, sharing, and commitment, so as to enable universal access to culture and thereby valorize children, women, and men with respect, attentiveness, and learning.

The Keyrus Foundation supports the "reading box" project put in place in France by the Fonds Decitre since 2014.

The principle behind this innovative system for exchanging books is simple : boxes endowed with an initial stock of books are installed in public places, and anyone can come and take one book and drop off another.

The Fonds Decitre proposes installing Reading Boxes first and foremost in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, giving access to reading to the most needy, who can thereby discover the joy of reading, whilst at the same time weaving social ties. 

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Audrey L.

Data Scientist at Keyrus, Lyon in the Big Data and Analytics practice and Volunteer for the Fonds Decitre.

I wanted to play a part in the work of the Fonds Decitre association, which promotes reading, writing, and culture for all.

Various projects are proposed, including notably the reading boxes. These are boxes filled with a variety of books and set up in rural communities, so that everyone can come and take one book and drop off another.

The association also organizes literary roams, during which its volunteers team up with those from the mobile emergency care service for the homeless, so as to provide homeless people not only with something to eat and drink, but also books.

The Keyrus Foundation joined forces with the Fonds Decitre to create a reading box in the Ile-de-France region. This fine project will facilitate access to reading for everyone without distinction.

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