Coup de Pouce Humanitaire

Coup de pouce humanitaire

Coup de pouce humanitaire

The association

Coup de Pouce Humanitaire

The charity was created in 2001 and brings together volunteers who take part in development projects all over the world.

Coup de Pouce offers help in the form of 15-day projects involving 10 to 14 volunteers. This is above all physical aid in the context of different projects that affect as much of the local population as possible: building schools, renovating or building dispensaries, social housing, orphanages, developing solar energy, etc.

The Keyrus Foundation supports a project building houses in Phnom Voar in Cambodia.

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Igor D.

BI & BU DTA Expert at Keyrus & Volunteer at Coup de Pouce Humanitaire

Coup de Pouce Humanitaire provides support for one-off projects to local partners who are working towards long-term development.

CDP organises hands-on missions in the field, with groups of around ten volunteers, building infrastructures such as classrooms, dormitories, kitchens, houses, etc.

Increasing proximity, sharing, communicating and forming bonds between local communities, teams and volunteers, are at the heart of Coup de Pouce.

Thanks to the Keyrus Foundation’s support, a project was able to finance the construction of six homes in Phnom Voar, Cambodia. The Keyrus Foundation’s support is a sign of confidence and an opportunity for all Keyrusiens (and their friends) to learn about Coup de Pouce Humanitaire, and may even inspire them to join a similar adventure.

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The Keyrus Foundation encourages its employees' voluntary solidarity actions by providing financial support for the programs in which they are involved.


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